After DEC 17th Miss KT will no longer be

teaching Adult Yoga @ the 

Quaker Meeting House



This has been a very hard decision, but I have decided to cut adult yoga at the Quaker Meeting House.  I have had a very exciting opportunity brought to me and that is… to teach Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga to the foster families in our area!  Not only am I teaching the foster children stress management through Kidding Around Yoga, but because of my experience in mindfulness meditation and cognitive behavior therapy, I have also been asked to lead a mindful parenting class to the foster parents and eventually the biological parents of these children!  Having the opportunity to share yoga and mindfulness with a community that would most likely never be exposed to such concepts is truly a blessing that I have no doubt, will be filled with challenges and bumps, but hopefully with glowing success stories as well.  I never have dreamed that my yoga career would ever wind into such a beautiful path, where I can not only share the Dharma, but also truly serve humanity and give back to my community to make the world a little more peaceful!  

     In order to prepare for such a meaningful undertaking I had to decide to consolidate my schedule and unfortunately the QMH was the place where I had some wiggle room!  I have also had to give up some children’s yoga classes and I may have to hand off some more in the future!  

     My path would not have led me here if it weren’t for all of you.  All of you have been a pebble in my stream of life.  My teaching wouldn’t be where it is if it weren’t for you coming to class.  I have learned so much from each and every one of you.  I’ve learned how to adjust for different body types, I’ve learned how to adopt my language so everyone can visualize or explore a pose, I’ve learned how to work around so many of your physical and mental limitations ;)…my OWN included; which has helped me be prepared for any situation life can throw at me.  All of you have helped me grow into who I am and I must say, for the first time in many years, I really love who I am.  You have provided me with challenges, inspirations and most of all your understanding, kindness and generosity.  Because of you and your support I was able to take the leap and leave FWC to teach yoga full time and now I have the even greater task of infiltrating our Foster Care System with the same loving kindness and generosity you have shown me.  Keep letting your light shine, the world is brighter because of it and keep practicing your yoga.  St Pete has so many amazing and new yoga studios and teachers.  Go explore and have fun!  I sincerely love each and every one of you and thank you from the bottom of my heart!  -KT


Practice Gratefulness Everyday

Practice Gratefulness Everyday

Happy Thanksgiving!


Miss KT is spending time with family this week so there will be no QMH yoga and the rest of the classes will have subs.


I encourage you to practice gratefulness everyday.  I recently finished 90 days of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and one of my daily exercises was to write down 3 things everyday that I am grateful for.  What I was shocked to discover about myself, is that some days I felt like I had nothing, or rather I didn’t feel genuinely grateful…but that’s OK, I would write down 3 things anyway.  After spending time in India I am always grateful for clean drinking water and we have HOT water too!  I am grateful that I have never had to actually go hungry, I have the freedom to read any book I want, the freedom to practice any religion I want, I can dress how I please… basically I feel like I have an abundance of everything.  I am grateful to be able to share the practice of yoga and meditation with all of you and the children too.  I am grateful that my life’s path has led me to seek out how to help others and that there are indeed others who accept the teachings that I have to offer.  I am grateful for all the difficult people and all the difficult situations in my life so that I may keep practicing patience and compassion and that I may learn where I fall short.  Every time I teach I am grateful for you, for without you there is no teaching.  I am grateful for all the students that I have had, as you are the ones that help me learn how to be a better teacher, because of all of your various life situations, you all need something a little bit different and learning how to provide that for you is a great pleasure and a fun challenge.  I am grateful to be able to serve.  

Many, many thank yous to all of you for helping me along my path.  It truly would not be the same with out you!  Here’s an old Irish Blessing


May the long time sun shine upon you

All love surround you

And the pure light that’s within you

Guide your way on…




KT will be subbing at Yoga Village tonight from 630-700pm

Buzz on over for HATHA RAJA  An Akhanda Yoga favorite.  Hatha Raja consists of holding many hatha poses while exhaling to the sound of the honey bee!  Vibrate your way into well being and happy emotions!

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Festivals a plenty…

Festivals a plenty…



As a Proud Teacher of Yoga Village Miss KT has been asked to lead a one hour Gentle Akhanda yoga class at the 2013 ST PETE YOGA FEST

Join KT 1:30-2:30pm for an Intro to the Chakras

Miss KT will also be teaching 2 KAY classes @10:15 and 12:15

Sunken Gardens Oak Pavillion

Miss KT teaches for Yoga Village every Friday Morning at Sunken Gardens 10:30-12:00.  Yoga Village has satellite locations at Sunken Gardens, Unity in St Pete and Clearwater. We host an amazing variety of diverse teachers and styles of yoga check us out on the web:





KTYOGA is excited to participate in New Balance’s sponsorship for the Susan G. Komen 3 day!  Miss KT will be leading 20 min yoga sessions between 4:00 and 8:00 pm for those who have completed the race and she will get an onstage presence at 6:45 pm.  ”it is an honor to help those dedicating their time and bodies to a cause they are passionate about!”


To learn more about the race visit:


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If you want a world of Abundance…Practice Generosity

If you want a world of Abundance…Practice Generosity

Practice munificence 

and your world 

will be filled with abundance!

     One of the greatest lessons I learned during my 500 hour training in India was a bit of wisdomIMG_3218 delivered by a wise old German Lady, lovingly called Mata-ji, who came to India in the 70′s and never left!  Deep grooves of time are carved into her face and her long blond dreadlocks were wrapped in a stacking circle upon her head. She sat before us all, with her fire pit lazily giving off a tiny trail of smoke meandering to the sky, the sun shining brightly.  30 eager yoga students sat, stretching our necks, straining to hear, any words she had to offer.  As with most wise folk, she spoke with very few, but profound words!  The phrase that has stuck with me the most, was her plea to us, that when we return back to the modern world  ”dont try to preach about yoga, dont try to convert anyone, merely LIVE YOUR YOGA!”  

That was it, plain and simple, Live Your Yoga!  

read more about mata-ji here   

      In a way, this was something my oldest sister has been telling me for years…when I would get so mad at my family for wasting paper towels or leaving the water running while brushing their teeth, i’m not encouraging them to be environmentally friendly, I am only showing them how emotional I can get when people don’t live like I do.  However, when you live your truth, other people will see how peaceful you are and want to emulate that peace.  When you live your yoga, you are showing people how it is done and they may want a piece of that too!

     This concept was presented to me in another way, further justifying for me, the importance of living your yoga!  In our Monday night meditation class we are studying an ancient text written by an 8th century Indian master, Shantideva, titled The Way of the Bodhisattva.  In this text, a bodhisattva, is a person who dedicates their whole life to helping others because they have realized we are all connected and how we view all things in life is our own Karma.  One of the many concepts we learned in this rich text was, that if you want to see a world of abundance, practice generosity!  If you want to see a world of wealth give everything away; money, time, energy, whatever you have (don’t get too crazy here but….WHAT???).  If we really realized that we are all connected and if we really realized we are all part of the same picture then we would understand that our conduct makes our world.  If I never wanted to see an angry person again, why would I be one, why would I get impatient and frustrated with the tiniest of things?  If I wanted a world of abundance why would I ever not be generous?  Why would I lie when the homeless guy asks me for change and I say I don’t have any? Then I am not practicing an honest or a generous world.  If we want the world to be our family, why then don’t we start treating everyone we see like our brother and sister?  We still think we are separate from each other, but we are not.  This is, of course, what Gandhi was referring to when he said be the change you wish to see in the world; if you want to see a world of peace, practice peace.  How can violence, bombs and fear make us peaceful?   

     If you need one tiny example of how we are all connected I’ll give you one.  We all breathe the air.  In every mixture of air exists less than 1% of the element Argon.  Argon is said to live in a fixed amount in our atmosphere since the dawn of time.  It is so stable, that it never breaks down and it does not combine with other elements.   Argon, in our mixture of air, gets breathed in and out, that air gets taken in by you and then the person sitting next to you; they are also sharing that same air with you, the same mixture of gasses that have been travelling around our planet for centuries.  That means people like Dr Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi have breathed this air in and out!  What about people like George W. Bush, your mother, your local grocer, your dog, spiders; we have all breathed the same argon.  Argon doesn’t seem to notice any difference.  We are all connected and we have to support each other, we have to live our yoga, live in unison with each other, otherwise we will get more of the same…fear, separation, anxiety.  What sounds more pleasant to you, letting go of a few bucks, sparing a few extra seconds to let the car merge in front of you, or a continued world of impatience, greed and depression?  


     How will you live your  yoga today?


To see how KT practices generosity…check out her recent trip to teach yoga to homeless children in CA!  Click: KAYw/KT 

or read the previous post!



My Greatest Gift is to be of Service 

to the Children

I have the wonderful opportunity to head to Malibu, CA and attend Camp Harmony’s summer program for homeless children.  Camp Harmony serves over 400 homeless children from the surrounding L.A. area.  In February, 40% of the attending children reported that this was the first time they had ever slept in their own bed!  Camp Harmony provides these children with an opportunity to experience being a kid, to experience fun and the opportunity to experience “CAMP”.  Camp Harmony provides these kids with clothes, shoes, 3 meals a day, other necessities and an abundance of activities like dancing, crafts, hiking, swimming, life lessons and of course YOGA with Kidding Around Yoga (KAY)!  We  are honored to serve these children.  It is my gift, to give them the tools of stress management!

This is completely a volunteer opportunity for all KAY teachers!  The teenage counselors at CAMP actually have to PAY to be a counselor.  It is my pleasure to pay for my own plane ticket, car rental and to take off a regular week of work to do this.  So THANK YOU for contributing to KAY w/KT & KTYOGA in the past and in the future, because of your belief in KAY & KTYOGA and your monetary support of the classes, you provide me with the financial support to be able to afford this kind of generosity.  I want you to know that your dollars that you have spent on KAY & KTYOGA not only goes to gas money and groceries, but more importantly, it also goes to supporting children all over the country!


I am ever grateful that my life has aligned with helping children all over our beautiful country, that I have found my calling and my service.  We have all heard the Gandhi Statement “Be the Change You Wish To See in the World”.  I have also been told if you want a world of abundance practice generosity; give all your time, effort and all of your love and abundance will be yours!  

Over the course of the week, from Tuesday August 20 – Saturday August 24, Miss KT and her KAY crew, Stephanie Johnston and Jacquie Ramos, will be teaching 25 hours of Kidding Around Yoga:  this means 25 Yoga Slides, 150 OM’s, 50+ times practicing meditation (Peace Begins With Me), over 200 downward dogs to upward dogs, at least 50 bow poses and 50 crow poses…add all that up and it equals 3 tired and blissfully smiling teachers and 400 plus homeless children with with BIG SMILES and a few tools to handle the stress of their difficult daily lives!

Thank you for helping me help all of them…

We try to live up to our wish:  May the Whole World, be Filled with Peace and Joy, Love and Light and LOTS of Peaceful Children!


To view come pics click here or head on over to click on BLOG



NO Yoga in the Park for the next TWO WEEKS

Check back August 27th




  • Class by donation…all are welcome

  • No Bathrooms @ Lassing Park
  • PLEASE Email, Call or TXT ME if you have questions!  727-542-6626

  • Bring a towel or yoga mat and bug spray

  • Plenty of parking

  • Check KTYOGA homepage for updates

Be immersed in St Pete’s waterfront while enjoying a refreshing Akhanda Yoga class!



Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day

There are many ways to say it…but song says it all!  Jai Jai MAAA!

Enjoy a chant celebrating the divine feminine within us and around us.

Sing along with Krishna Das on YouTube:

or With Edo and Jo…

Visit  click on music, drop down to albums, scroll to  Kirtan Alive and listen to Jagadambe  MA

Enjoy and Om shanti!

And don’t forget to HUG YOUR MOTHER!